Batman to Relocate?

Fresh on the heels of his new movie, The Dark Knight is considering a move to Southern California.

(Somebody at the LA Times, plus a few public officials, has a good sense of humor.)

3 Responses to “Batman to Relocate?”

  1. brastonian Says:

    Given how gawdaweful this Batman flic turned out to be, they need to rethink the next movies for real and serious. They made Batman and The Joker gay?!? WTF?!? 😯

  2. Fanboy Says:

    I hadn’t heard about that twist. Then again, I try to avoid movie publicity/discussion sites for fear of spoiling the surprise of any big plot twists. Perhaps you went to the wrong theater and saw “The Brokeback Knight” instead? 🙂

    The reviews I’ve heard so far have been fairly positive, so I’m inclined to give it a chance.

  3. Fanboy Says:

    I saw The Dark Knight on Sunday. I enjoyed it.

    My guess is that brastonian didn’t like the scene where the Joker talks about how he can’t kill Batman because they’re such opposites. To each his own. I thought the movie was worth seeing.