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Comment is Invited

Hi there!

Over the past few years a "community" of sorts has sprung up around this site with a number of people suggesting new conventions, asking questions, or just dropping a line to say Hello. Given the existence of such a community, I thought it might be interesting to get some feedback on a new resource I'm thinking of adding.

A recent visitor suggested that it might be useful if I added contact information for celebrities' representatives. Not the agents who negotiate to get them a role in a movie (though that might be interesting too), but rather the person who handles their personal appearances at conventions and similar events. This struck me as an interesting idea.

On the one hand, you can certainly argue that a representative should be actively contacting conventions to say, "Hey, I'm the representative for this list of people, would you be interested in having any of them appear at your event?" On the other hand, if you're just starting to organize your first event, the representative probably won't know to contact you and you won't know how to contact them. That's where this resource could come in handy.

So here's my question: Is this something the members of the convention community would find interesting? Likewise, I'm aware of at least a few representatives who visit this site from time to time. Would you be interested in participating?

Please use my contact page to send me your thoughts on this idea. I'd really like to hear from you. (And I promise, your comments and your email address will be kept confidential.)

See you around the Galaxy!

— Fanboy