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Can’t Stop the Browncoats

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

Details are scarce right now, but there’s a notice on the Booster Events site that due to “financial difficulties,” it’s possible that the Big Damned Flanvention 2 may be cancelled. Please note that the event has not been cancelled and if it is, you’ll most likely find out through Booster Events’ official channels sooner than you will here.

None of that is particularly newsworthy. Sad to say, convention cancellations are not altogether uncommon.

What’s interesting about this one though is how the attendees are reacting. As a contingency plan, the California Browncoats are organizing an event which has been dubbed, the “Browncoats’ Backup Bash.” In the event that the Flanvention does fall through, and attendees are unable to cancel their hotel/airplane/other reservations, there will still be an event to attend.

Kudos to the California Browncoats for their efforts. That’s shiny.

New Voyages Launches a New Episode

Sunday, November 26th, 2006

While cruising the web this morning, I discovered that on Thanksgiving Day, New Voyages had released their new episode, To Serve All My Days. A few months back I had an opportunity to see an incomplete version with several of the exterior shots missing, so I was curious to see what had changed. (more…)

Date change for Con-X-Treme

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

Con-X-Treme, an anime, cosplay, sci-fi, fantasy, and martial arts convention taking place in San Jose, California has announced new dates for the 2007 event. The new dates are July 27-29. For more details, please visit the Con-X-Treme web site at