Change of Address

If you tried accessing the convention list in the wee hours of May 1, you might have noticed a few minor hiccups in the site’s URL (and a few very brief configuration errors) as Fanboy’s Convention List moved to it’s new home.

The convention list has been around for something in the neighborhood of 11 years. First as a print-only publication appearing in Starfleet’s Communique, and a few months later on my previous personal web sites. For the past eight years, the list has appeared on, and for several years was mirrored on Starfleet’s web site. Although Starfleet no longer carries the list, a number of their subsidiary organizations still syndicate it on their own web sites and in their newsletters.

So it’s probably high time that Fanboy’s Convention List had its own web site.

Please come back and visit as often as you like!

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